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Surge Protection is a very critical concept when it comes to protecting your number one most valuable asset in your life, your home. Power surges enable all of your equipment to become very vulnerable, possibly damaging or even destroying your entire electrical system. Power surges are not limited to electrical storms but can also be caused by a power surge from the utility power or faulty or damaged wiring inside the home. With all of these possiblities it is in your best interest to have surge protection for your entire home.

We can provided you with the most affordable way to protect your home from these equipment damaging power surges, here at Boca Electrical we have different options to choose from when it comes to protecting your home. Call us today and speak with a quality professional about these surge protection options today.

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Whole House Surge Protectors are a good idea! Every home should have one. But they also have limitations. Proper protection for the devices in your home takes a little planning and thought, it's not as simple as using only a "whole house" protector.

In general, a whole house protector will protect very well AC only devices, such as appliances, air conditioners, etc. They are not as good for protecting electronics that are connected to more than power. You do need to separately protect your sensitive electronic equipment no matter what "whole house" surge protector you use. Whole house surge protection is a badly used term, no manufacturer can make devices to protect everything in your home from all sources, it doesn't work that way. As an example, even if you could successfully stop surges from getting into the house on a cable line, if a device connected to the cable line fails, it could send a damaging surge through the cable line within the house and fry other equipment. Or, your refrigerator could fail and send a surge though the power lines within the house, which will then also travel down any signal lines a device receiving the surge is connected to. Also, be aware that a whole house protector allows more voltage through than a point of use protector, this is not good for computers and home theater systems, for an article describing correct whole house surge protection usage. But they are very useful for protecting all of the other devices in your house like appliances, air conditioners, etc., and for stopping outside surges as a first line of defense.

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